New Term!

New term has started from Sep. 1st. Nursery school class has been active during the summer and all the kids got used to having me!

For kids classes, this month’s theme is Halloween!

For High schoolers and above, writing journals, reading comprehension practices and vocabulary tests are the main tasks.

Let’s make this autumn as productive as possible!

Wed. Class assignment: Writing what learner you are and how you can overcome your weaknesses.

Sunny Field English のポスターを貼らせてくださったお店紹介!

Curry Restaurant Sangam:


Flower Shop Roseta:




New Challenge:IELTS

No life without challenging. Your life will be extremely dull. Any kind of challenges, such as improving your guitar playing skill, would do. I feel quite alive when I’m on a project.

IELTS is my new challenge I’ve been working on. It is a test for international learners who wish to acquire and prove their English proficiency.

Who knows! You might need to take this test in the future as well. It might look quite difficult but all the contents are quiet educational and intriguing in this test.

Hope you will join this evolving-yourself project of mine ;-)